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World-of-Ryyah-Birth of the Half Elves


Title: World of Ryyah-Birth of the Half Elves
Author: H.L. Watson
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
ISBN: 9781937293420
Pages: 193, Paperback & Hardcover
Genre: Fantasy
Reviewed by: S. Marie Vernon, Pacific Book Review

In the history of Elves there was a time before remembering known as The Elder Days and it lasted for thousands of years. Then for an unknown reason their King suddenly died. How could this be? The Elders were immortal! In the confusion a great civil war ensued and the unrest caused their magical Rune stone to explode. Total darkness fell over the Elder kingdom to last for 100,000 years. The magical source stone had held their immortality. Now, all was lost. They no longer called themselves Elders as their immortality died during the time of darkness. The Elder Age ends and H.L. Watson’s, epic story, The World of Ryyah,First Book in the Elven Age Saga-Birth of the Half Elves, begins.

The Elven factions begin to compete with each other and they have more contact with the human race. Humans behave like animals and are referred to as barbarians. If they wonder into the Elven Forest they will be killed or used as pawns. This protocol slowly changes with Alayna, a five-hundred year-old Elf. One day Alayna rescues Donovan and some orphaned human children from the clutches of Boric the Knife, a true barbarian. Human or not, Alayna takes Donovan and the other boys into the Wood Elven Forest and trains them to become human Elven Rangers. Alayna is mother, teacher and commanding officer to the boys. Her name is sacred to them. They become swift of foot and fast of hand and great protectors of the Elves and their lands. Alayna dies and Donovan becomes a man. He is the greatest warrior of the human Elven Rangers. He lives for one reason and one reason only; to avenge the cruel fate and death of the two mothers he has loved. Death to the barbarians is the thought that fuels his anger and keeps him willing to go on. As Donovan searches for the warlord Garock, he has an opportunity to rescue the Elven Princess Brandela, and it could help him in his quest.

Brandela is young and beautiful. Her life is protected and luxurious until Eldergate is raided. She finds freedom just beyond the Wood Elven Forest that was her home, but now she is living as an outcast. She uses the magic she knows for protection and healing. And, she finds love and happiness in the arms of her forbidden lover. She has never known such heaven and bliss! She wonders if the bonding spell has worked. And, dare she return to her life as a princess? What would happen to her love? If Donovan rescues her what will become of him and of her? Could a House of Donovan really evolve?

With The World of Ryyah-Birth of the Half Elves, H.L. Watson has created an extraordinary piece of Elven fiction. A book that is a must read for those who still believe in magic; the magic of love and romance, the magic of a loyal family, and the magic that can renew one’s faith when all they hold dear is lost. This is the magic we find in myth and legend that leaves us spellbound. And, spellbound you will be anticipating Mr. Watson’s second book in the Epic Saga of the Elven Age!
A few edit issues were found in this book.

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