Friday, April 27, 2012

The Gathering Storm by Dennis K. Hausker

The Gathering Storm – In Book II of the Faenum Quest the Adventure Continues with Dave Cray, he is a prophet, an avatar, and a champion for good who becomes a legend. Dave and his comrades have left the evil Rajduki Empire. They all have had devastating experiences there, but forge onward with their crusade across the planet of Faenum. They must unite the diverse and warring races in order to defeat the evil emperor and survive the imperial battle that is coming soon. It’s a daunting task, as the people are hostile and have different cultures, morals, standards and belief systems. Dave and his small band of comrades worry they may not be ready for the ultimate war that looms on the horizon. When they are met with monumental challenges, Dave alone is undeterred. Against all odds, he provides benevolent leadership and wins the people over.

Dave unites people from the flat lands, the forests, the foothills and the coastal regions. He carries the message he gave to the Warlen tribes and the Rajduki refugees warning all of mortal peril; the elves, the dwarfs, the trolls, the Agai‘s, the sisterhood, and the confederation. “Join our mission or be annihilated by the evil master and his dark magicians” he said. The people worship Dave, but their hero is wounded inside. He feels awkward and overmatched compared to Wilphrus, a wizard from the first order and King of the High Council. Wilphrus no longer looks like a gnome and he has great magical presence, carrying a thick staff of power with rune carvings. Dave wonders if he has lost his beloved Jenna to the brilliant shape-shifting wizard.

Faenum is filled with prejudice. It’s a barbaric planet where the strong have no compassion for the weak. On Earth people pretend they care, pretend evil isn’t real, but not on Faenum. It’s a long slow process, but Dave accomplishes the impossible with confidence. Gradually the people come to accept the new order of life. They intermingle, learn new ways of doing things, while some marry their former foes and even “Bear,”Dave’s pet, has a family of baby deathcats! Yes, wonders never cease on Faenum, but Dave is sad because Jenna is no longer at his side and he has made a pact with Wilphrus not knowing what price he will ultimately pay for Wilphrus’s service.

The Gathering Storm –Book II is another fascinating read from The Faenum Quest Trilogy. Dave and his family are beacons of light on the planet of Faenum, yet they realize everyone has darkness in them. Through his characters, author Dennis K. Hausker brings a poignant message that even moral, principled, and decent people possess elements of darkness. As with Mortus- Book I of the trilogy, TheGathering Storm, Book II is an excellent book for lovers of epic, high and dark fantasy. Follow the champions of this story as they bravely continue into a cataclysmic battle between good, evil and an uncertain fate that takes place in The Faenum War-Book III.

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