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5.0 out of 5 stars I'M POTTY TRAINING MY CHILD. WHAT NOW? by Dr. Patricia M. Wynne. Review by S. Marie Vernon, May 4, 2013
This review is from: I'm Potty Training My Child: Proven Methods That Work (What Now?) (Paperback)
I'M POTTY TRAINING MY CHILD. WHAT NOW, is a parenting guide book written by Dr. Patricia M. Wynne. Dr. Wynne, inspired by her own two children to write this book, realized that potty training is a highly individualized process that has the potential to overwhelm even the most caring of parents. Her book is intended as a handy reference manual with important messages for parents who are about to start potty training their child. It offers all the tools and information parents need to give them complete confidence they and their child will survive potty training, and even see it as the first of many great adventures they have embarked on together. This book provides a solid foundation for potty training and places great emphases on the unique personality and needs of each child. The approach is always with the upmost love and respect throughout the process. It offers proven methods that will work. In fact, this book has been endorsed by many parents and experts in the field of child development.

The major role of a parent is to teach, encourage, and support their children throughout their lives. In the young years, a parent will help them through many milestones before they reach adolescence and adulthood. The author states potty training is the first milestone that gives a child a real sense of independence. As a parent approaches this time many emotions, concerns and questions can arise. For this reason, I'M POTTY TRAINING MY CHILD, WHAT NOW, has User-Friendly Charts, Parent-Point-of-View Quotes and Quick Tip Sections to guide the parent along. In addition, there are Chapter Overviews. These provide cross-referencing of the material, so this book can easily be read straight through or read by flipping to the particular sections that are of the most interest.

This easy-to-read guide book has only nine chapters that are choc-full of vital information! Chapter Nine is a question and answer session, most helpful as it references back to previous chapters for more details. From the start, Chapter One provides Quick Summaries for each of the chapters and provides a Readiness Checklist and a Supplies Checklist for shopping convenience. Chapter Two is all about how to set a Positive Tone for the entire process and Chapter Three is about Signs of Readiness. These signs can help a parent to know about when to start the process of potty training. The middle chapters cover Pre-Training ideas and the Nuts and Bolts, or details, of the whole process. Later chapters offer Alternative Approaches, discusses Common Problems and Obstacles, and how to handle Accidents and Setbacks, as well as Special Situations in potty training.

I found, author, Dr. Patricia M. Wynne's book, I'M POTTY TRAINING MY CHILD, WHAT NOW, to be very comprehensive on this subject. It seems any parent could benefit from her first-hand experience in potty training and her extensive research from so many trained experts. This is a book mothers and fathers will want to have handy when the time comes to potty train their child. It would also be an excellent book for other caregivers who take part in a parent's journey of potty training. Even the baby sitter and grandparents might find this book very informative and fitting for today's busy times.

Author, Dr. Patricia M. Wynne holds a doctorate degree in Neuroscience from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her interests are many and she has been published in several Journals including, Neuron, the Journal of Neuroscience, and the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Dr. Wynne offers more parenting tips on her blog at She is also a huge fan of Sophie's Magic Underwear, by Kristin Kroha, a potty training book with wonderful illustrations by Valerie Bouthyette. Sophie is a toddler who takes the reader on an adventure as she learns not to go to the bathroom in her pants! What a wonderful support book to be used in conjunction with this excellent guide book for parents, I'M POTTY TRAINING MY CHILD. WHAT NOW?

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