Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Soul Hypnotist by Edwina Orelus, Review by S. Marie Vernon

The Soul Hypnotist is set is Louth Ireland and London England where an adopted child’s every dream unfolds and a young woman emerges ready for everlasting love and happiness that will carry her into a blessed future.  Somehow that blessed future gets derailed by a jinni.  If only Laoise had listened to her dying father when he said, “follow your heart Laoise, always follow your heart.”  If only she had listened!

Author, Edwina Orelus was born in Haiti, is well travelled and studied filmmaking at the Art Institute of Los Angeles.  In this romantic and religious fiction, she encourages her readers to embrace their faith and spirituality and to “always listen to their instincts because they are always right.”  Written in third person narrative, the author has woven a fictional tale filled with romantic and supernatural twist and turns.  Laoise must use her instincts to stay safe from the jinni, “the God-created spirits that can be good or bad.”  Orelus makes her point as Laoise has been protected by angels many times, yet finds herself in tragic circumstances that can only be removed by quick instincts, faith and fast actions.

The jinni is found in Arabian and Muslim Mythology.  They are intelligent, function a bit lower than angels and can possess humans negatively if they do not stay in constant faith.  These spirits are invisible to most humans but they are always around.  Laoise’s father feared them and Laoise has seen indications of their presence throughout her lifetime.  Although protected, she encountered pure evil at Saint Martin Boarding School in the South of France, a prestigious Christian landmark since the 14th Century.

Laoise is half Irish and half Egyptian.  After graduation she travels to Egypt to see the pyramids and learn about the Egyptian culture.  She meets and falls in love with a man who is destined to become her husband.  Her wedding is planned and Laoise is so happy.  She is independent and lives her life on her own terms.  Life is good and Laoise wants to keep it that way.  It will mean keeping many secrets from her adoptive and controlling mother, Iezabel.  Thank goodness, her adoptive father, Ahab is much more understanding and compassionate toward her goals.  Laoise has always been closer to Ahab.  He understands her better than Iezabel, but he loves Iezabel and keeps the peace in this family.

This book is well written and with an edit would prevent readers from being just a bit distracted from the story line and the author’s message about faith and being true to oneself.  The story is suspenseful in just the right places and will hypnotize romantic fiction lovers who have a flare for the supernatural and are not afraid of demonic undertones.  Be prepared for plot twists and a cliff hanger ending that I believe could only be laying the groundwork for an enchanting sequel to The Soul Hypnotist.  Of course, only the author, Edwina Orelus could tell us for sure.

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