Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be a Writer, Do What Writers Do, and Have What Writers Have.

"Be, do, have, is the proper order for any aspiration we have for ourselves, not the other way around." Wally Minto made this statement at my church in 1998. Wally lives in California and was visiting in Alabama when I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with him about this.

When a truth is a real truth it can be applied on many levels, tested in lots of ways. Test this one on who you are becoming.

If you're a writer, stop thinking you must have what a writer has before you begin to write, before you do what a writer does, and before you can be the writer you are. You must turn this around. This has to become; be, do, then have.

"Be the writer that you are, do what a writer does, then you will have what a writer has." Probably that's gonna be lots of published poems, articles and stories, and all that goes with that. ~ S. Marie Vernon

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