Monday, November 28, 2011

Title: Unintended Consequences
Author: Dave Edlund
Publisher: Morgan Mackenzie Publishing
ISBN: 9780983904403
Pages: 324, Paperback & Kindle
Genre: Fiction

Review by S. Marie Vernon
Pacific Book Review

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Unintended Consequences – a Peter Savage Novel is the first in a series of fictional adventures written by author Dave Edlund. Abiogenic petroleum scientists are on the verge of producing oil from inorganic materials like rocks and minerals. This scientific breakthrough could bring energy independence to the world and change the course of humanity. What a celebration that should be! However, could synthetic oil production be a catalyst to World War III? Could OPEC nations – the cartel - be threatened by discoveries that would free mankind from oil enslavement? Is there an international conspiracy to kill innocent researchers to deprive society of their knowledge? A trail of assassinations from London to Alaska and now Bend, Oregon says “yes” to these questions.

Prominent petroleum researchers and scientists have died in the last eighteen months. A London Professor was killed in his hotel room. An explosion at a petroleum conference in Caracas, Venezuela has claimed the lives of forty-five people. The deaths keep increasing. Professor Ian Savage is the leading scientist at Oregon State University. He and his colleague, Professor Sato from Tokyo Japan, are both under attack but they cannot fathom why. They are close to the breakthrough they need to prove their theories. This will also show the world how to produce synthetic oil from inorganic material. Peter Savage is Ian’s son and a weapons expert. Peter will need the most sophisticated guns he can produce to keep his father safe as he goes about his life work. The United States Special Forces are also watching over Professor Savage’s lab. They want to stop the violent attacks against Europe, Japan, and now the United States. The violence escalates with each new discovery the scientists make. Top-secret operations are ready to deploy on the enemy and Peter will stop at nothing to protect his father and his family. This riveting adventure unfolds on a world stage across the United States to the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela and even to Moscow.

Author, Dave Edlund, has created a compelling, five-star novel filled with intrigue and mystery. Unintended Consequences is written in third person narrative and a book that is difficult to put down. There are a few minor editing issues but they do not take away from this great story. An expert in fuel reform products, Dave Edlund presents the idea that synthetic oil production could soon threaten the economies of oil-rich nations. In retaliation those nations will kill to stop society’s progress. A world war could ensue. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat anticipating the laws of “unintended consequences” that energy independence, terrorist attacks, and conspiracies, could leave in their wake. There are visible consequences and there are unseen consequences that Peter Savage doesn’t like, so, the story won’t stop here. The next Peter Savage novel, The Devil of Darfur will be available soon.

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