Monday, December 12, 2011

From All Sides - The Squeeze

Title: From All Sides: The Squeeze
Author: Phil Scrima
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 9781465377449
Pages: 436, Paperback/Hardcover/Kindle
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by: S. Marie Vernon
Pacific Book Review

From All Sides – The Squeeze by Phil Scrima is the perfect title for Harry’s situation because his life is closing in like a vice-grip! He’s a small business owner living the good life in California’s wine country. He has three kids, an adoring wife Janine, and a big mortgage that’s due every month. The competition is getting tough. Big Red has financially threatened Harry and so also has his bank. The bank wants to shut down his line of credit. Just when things can’t get any hotter Kathy walks in. She’s a knockout few men could resist and all that Harry has ever dreamed about. Not knowing which way to turn nor what to do, Harry seeks advice from his Italian grandfather nicknamed Nonno. Nonno’s name is Angelo Futuro which means “angel from the future.” He makes wine and says he converses with the Creators who will one day decide if the human race is worth saving. With plenty of adult language and sexual content, From All Sides - The Squeeze, is a four star science-fiction filled with violence, intrigue and steamy hot romance. It’s a tantalizing novel for “mature audiences only!”

Kathy is rocking Harry’s world in all the right ways, but Big Red plans to put Harry’s lights out for good! Janine is trying to figure out what has happened to Harry. Beasley, the banker, has a plan all his own. Harry’s feeling the squeeze big time! He escapes with Kathy to the beautiful California beaches and loses himself in their love affair and fine Italian dining. He wonders if Nonno really is old and wise, or just a crazy old Italian. Nonno claims to see the future and to know the Creator’s plans. If humans can overcome their greed and injustice they may be spared to live in an ultimate universe; one designed to benefit all mankind. There will be no such thing as money or competition in this new world. If Harry is any kind of an example of mankind, will the human race even have a chance? Is man already too corrupt, too violent and too greedy to escape an inevitable doom? Or, can Nonno really get messages “from beyond” that could save Harry and the human race?

Phil Scrima has written From All Sides – The Squeeze in script and third person narrative. It’s an action packed adventure you won’t want to put down. Set in the business environment of the California Napa Valley, Harry is basically a good guy who succumbs to the many stresses of the everyday business world. The story that unfolds is both “other worldly” and “down-to-earth.” It’s enthralling because it’s about real life situations, the dark side of human nature, and our desperate hope for a better world. Too much for just one volume, author Phil Scrima, is already penning a sequel titled, The Return. The Return will be a terrific read From All Sides if it is going to top The Squeeze!<a target="_blank" href="">Name Your Link</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

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