Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inspire Me - One the Wiser

Title: Inspire Me - One the Wiser
Author: J.Z. Bingham
Publisher: Balcony7 Media and Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9855453-0-7
Pages: 168, Hardcover/Ebook/App
Genre: Memoir/Inspirational/Self-Improvement
Reviewed by: S. Marie Vernon, Pacific Book Review

Inspire Me – One the Wiser, is the first book of an inspirational trilogy written by author J.Z. Bingham. Her story begins with the tragic loss of both her parents when she was only seventeen years old. Not knowing where to turn, she often turned inward. She wrote down her thoughts and feelings to create a personal memoir for healing and self-improvement. Through many trials, Bingham stayed true to herself. She used her analytical abilities, her insight, her determination, and ultimately, her inner light to guide her out of darkness. She was fighting for her life – a life that could have died with her parents, except for her determination and perseverance. Inspire Me – One the Wiser, and her subsequent books, Inspire Me – One the Wiser Part II, and Inspire Me - One the Wiser Part III, are filled with personal essays and quotations that became a roadmap to great success and achievement for this author. Her Inspire Me Series provides a compass much like the “Chicken Soup Series”for anyone who needs courage and inspiration to heal their own lives.

At seventeen, J.Z Bingham felt alone, abandoned, and scared, but she never gave up until she achieved an amazing and successful life. Her story is truly remarkable. In Inspire Me – One the Wiser she describes a process of learning how to live in a conscious way and taking responsibility for her life circumstances. She faced great sadness and fear as she grieved her many losses. Bingham took no shortcuts through the healing process. She came to view her life from different angles and perspectives. She used those perspectives to heal and build trust in relationships and, ultimately, found true love and happiness. From Bingham’s experiences we realize how profound human resilience can be. The last few chapters of this first book touch on: faith, value systems, tolerance, acknowledging different views, listening to others with kindness and compassion, and accepting our humanity completely.

In her subsequent title, Inspire Me - One the Wiser - II, Bingham recounts the details of the events that led to her parent’s tragic end. She describes her relationships before, and after, their death and how she learned to ground herself for new challenges and successes. In Inspire Me - One the Wiser –III, she moves beyond pain and sorrow to live the life she has always dreamed of. In the beginning, J.Z. Bingham may not have known she was creating a roadmap to sanity that would one day heal her life and help others in their search for healing as well. However, she has done just that with her Inspire MeOne the Wiser trilogy. Her books are a treasure trove of inspirational messages for all who want to move beyond great challenge, great adversity, and devastating circumstances. I recommend each one as a reference or handbook for healing one’s life. I simply cannot think of a more perfect gift to encourage and inspire oneself or a dear friend. It would be almost impossible to read any of the Inspire Me – One the Wiser books without being personally uplifted and encouraged about life.

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